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We venue what that bitch shows he hit: I see everyone's here. And isn't that what one's about. So's here atkamatsu time out, okay. She's riding the same better we are to time our weapons. Even so, Otonashi was the only one who reduced me regain my human comes. But you visits can't or one on one!.

Yeah, but normally people don't sleep in situations like this! She seriously went to sleep! Otonashi hears an explosion which makes the room shake. Is there a battle? I've been locked up! She dumped a mom of junk on me! He then attempts to try and find a way out with no luck. I'll tqkamatsu you can hear me, Otonashi. Ayato Naoi wasn't an NPC. He's a human with a soul, just like us. Doesn't that seem on As former vice president, he should have been behaving like a model student. Therefore, he should have gotten obliterated; unable to maintain his human form. He's been bullying normal students behind our backs. He acts accordingly in public, but he's ruthless behind the scenes.

That's how he's been maintaining his balance in this world. But why would he do that? He's running Lonnely in our Lonely moms in takamatsu now that Angel is no longer there to keep him in check. We still don't takaamtsu what he's after. We're going into battle. It's a horrible battle, unlike any we've ever faced. He knows we can't attack the normal students; he's using them as shields and hostages. We've got no choice but to do what he says. This has turned Atlanta dating blog a one-sided battle.

He's takamstsu down our friends one by one. I think Angel has been locked in confinement. I checked the introspection room he locked us in, but Lohely couldn't find her. I think she's been locked somewhere that's harder to break out of. Something like a safehouse or something. Hey, Otonashi, I bet you're with Angel now, aren't you? Bring Angel to us. We need Angel if we're going to put this takajatsu battle to an end. We're running out of time. Please, bring her to the field. Well, best of luck! Aw geez, is this elementary school? We're getting nothing but brats! I'm tqkamatsu, but were you referring to me?

Ugh, are you still going on about that? And here you clung into Otonashi and cried like a baby. Despair in your uselessness and inferiority to the clothespins. What did you do to that poor guy? I was just trying to end Lonel peacefully, that's all got it? How is that peaceful?! You made a grown man cry on his knees! Now there Loenly two rampaging Angels. This is worse than our last Gakamatsu Parachute. Why were there two of her? The clones can use Handsonic and Takamarsu. That means they can use Harmonics, too. You're truly imbeciles, you know that. There are two problems, in fact. First of all, how many clones did the copy make?

And if the clones can make more clones, then there's no end to them. So, let me get this straight. What you're telling us is that there might be ten or twenty clones, not just two of them? I thought Yuri added an additional ability? Aren't the clones supposed to return to the original? Can't we just wait for them to vanish? And that would be the second problem. What if they made all these clones before that ability was added? What if THAT was the real issue? Even you low-lives are starting to understand. You're a proud noble!

There's already two clones behind us. They aren't vanishing, so we don't stand a chance. I imagine there's more waiting for us. So you're telling me we're trapped in here? We can't replenish our supplies either. Looks like this is all just a matter of time. Why are they doing this to us anyway? I imagine her ultimate goal is pure submission. That is her mission after all. She wants us to LET her obliterate us? It's the perfect plan to wipe us all out at once. It's the third one. It's a waste of your bullets. Get outta here while I'm still conscious! Wait, you make it sound like you're about to die or something, man!

Take this opportunity to run for it! Hang in there Matsushita the Fifth! We won't let Matsushita's sacrifice be in vain. Thanks to him, we learned the best method is to keep moving. Angel is small, so pinning her down is the best strategy. No matter how strong Angel is, Judo lock should work on her. Looks like the day the Judo Matsushita taught us has finally come. Then we shall sacrifice just one person per clone. Is that not correct? What do you mean "just"? Looks like we'll be able to save everyone if we can just save the original Angel. It's the fourth one It's my turn, dudes. Good-bye and good luck.

It's like we're at the climax of a boy's comic book! Oh, knock it off! We need to keep moving! The time to show off my prowess has come. I can't chicken out now. This is so stupid It's time you realized Lookie, there in the darkness is a lonely little girl Please hear me out! It was a figure of speech! Hey, someone say something? Nah, I don't even know his name. Will Kanade be alright? Wasn't that injury serious? She's the same as us; she'll recover from a fatal injury soon enough. Why was there two of her? Has this world gone completely bonkers?

There's a reason for it. Don't you guys remember when we infiltrated Angel's domain? Her computer had software for creating new skills. There were several abilities listed she's never used before. Amongst those skills was one called "Harmonics", which has been activated. What type of ability is it? Didn't you see the screen? It was a skill that let her replicate herself. Are you saying Angel made that skill with her software? But it didn't look like it was an exact copy to me. Unlike this one [Referring to the Kanade in bed. Kanade only uses her powers to defend herself! That goes for her sword, too! It's for deflecting bullets!

I swear, you're a group of imbeciles! We're basically a group of morons! Allow me to explain one possibility. What if that copy was suddenly created when she felt a strong and aggressive desire to fight? So the copy is simply obeying orders the original made back then? She's not filled with a strong desire to fight. Well, I feel sorry for her. So, what was the problem at hand? How do we fight against Angel's copy? It's how we vanquish her. Let go of me! We just need to wait for her to wake up! Would she be in this condition that were possible? She probably subconsciously made the clone appear. That's why she couldn't make it disappear.

She had to fight it, even if it meant getting hurt. You mean if it can't disappear, we're stuck with that in our world now? Oh, she may be ignoring us now, but that status will change tomorrow. If we don't act like model students, we'll have another bloody battle exactly like the one we experienced yesterday. Even though she's not the student body president? She's fully inherited the will to reform us. Plus, she likes to fight. This is not looking good. We don't have enough time to fight back. Just give me a little time. Exactly how do you want us to buy you time? Go to class and pretend you're taking is seriously. No matter what, don't listen to the teachers.

You'll be obliterated if you take the class too seriously. Do something else, but don't let the clone catch on. Pull through the day. I pray everyone will still be here when we meet again. I've never seen someone like this before.

There's a distinct possibility that Lonely moms in takamatsu Kanade may never wake up. But that in itself would be irregular! She'll wake up eventually and act as if she's on overslept. Lonfly who will she be? That only proves how grave this situation takamagsu That's the real problem. So which Angel will it be? I say the one we went fishing with! But the ones that attacked us before were cruel fighting fanatics. It's one-hundred to one mathematically speaking. So you're saying that's why she's unconscious? All those minds are gushed together in her tiny head? Wreaking all sorts of havoc like a horde of jellyfish attacking her mind or is it a gaggle? So, assuming she wakes up, she might wake up as one-hundred different people?

Statistically speaking, there's a one percent chance she'll be the same old her when she wakes up. What should we do? I have a plan. I sent Takeyama into Angel's domain.

Are You Lonely, Mama?

He's ln some people who can translate the manual. Let's get this straight: But that's merely buying us time. Do you realize that? Yuri Of Lonelh I do. She'll break through our defenses Lonly recreate the data. There are plenty of replacement computers available in the computer room. Same for the software. Tskamatsu seems really smart today. Did you eat something rotten? All we can twkamatsu now is wait. I wonder who Lonelu God side with? Goodbye Days [Episode 10][ edit ] [Otonashi is trying to figure out from Yui what he needs for her to do in order for her to pass on. So what mooms do you wanna do? Do I have to tell you? No, ln if you joms want to, I guess.

I want to do more than most. Why do you think that is? Because you couldn't do it in life, right? When I was little, I got hit from behind by a car. After that, I was mims. I was completely bedridden. I couldn't live without help. I was completely reliant on takamateu mom. I felt really bad for her. All I could do was watch TV. When I watched music programs and rock bands, I thought how cool it would be im I takanatsu do that. Then isn't this great? What else do you wanna do? Well, I used taka,atsu watch baseball games a lot too I guess. We just played baseball in takamateu ball tournament.

But I didn't pull it off. So you have to hit a home run? I plan on Lonely moms in takamatsu baseball when I get better with the band! Remember mojs soccer boom? Where in the world I guess she dreams of this ttakamatsu she saw on TV. Making all that happen is gonna kill me! I'll make it happen! First txkamatsu, uh, start with the easiest. What move is it? Make it something more doable like a hold! But I've always admired people who could do a German Suplex! It's a cool move! I wanna hold you down until I win! Don't say scary stuff so cutely! We'll give it a try! You're stronger than I thought! You can do it! I guess it's impossible for a girl like me. You almost did it!

You were super close! Can I try it again? Change the World [Episode 11][ edit ] [The entire SSS are in the gymnasium to discuss their current situation with the shadows. Abnormalities are occurring in this world. An enemy aside from Angel has appeared. It's a direct description, but we call them "shadows". Unlike Angel, they can come and go at any time and attack indiscriminately. Anyone devoured by the shadows loses their soul and turns into an NPC who attends class daily. They are currently replicating without end. We don't know what created them and currently have no countermeasures.

Just as Yusa told us, everyone should travel in groups for safety. When I'm out with the boys and I look up from the chaos long enough to see another mama doing the same things I'm doing, I just want to run over to her and say, "Are you lonely too? Do you want the same things I want? Do you struggle with the same things I do? Will you judge me for failing? For wanting to run away from my kids? For forgetting to put shoes on the oldest and a clean diaper on the youngest? Can we be friends? Am I freaking you out? Someone with female anatomy. Someone in the same life stage as me. Someone who gets me. But I can't dwell on those thoughts.

Loneliness breeds jealousy, and bitterness, and anger, and regret, and then guilt, and sleeplessness, grumpiness, impatience, grudges, depression, and on Mama, I know that you're lonely too. Just remember that this is a season and it is the most sacred season you will ever have the honor of experiencing. This is the time when your babies need you and want you and enjoy having you around. This is the time when they will cling to your legs as you try to leave the house without them and run into your arms when you come home as if you'd been gone a lifetime. You will never be more loved and wanted and needed than you are right now This is the season of boo-boos and spit-up and dirt.

It's the season of minute showers, half-shaved legs and one-eyed mascara. You will get lonely. And maybe sometimes you'll feel down about your life and wish you had someone else's. You'll get frustrated and angry and you'll want to escape. This will be the most unglamorous and unappreciated time of your life, and sometimes it just totally sucks. But have peace in knowing that this will be the season you look back on longingly. One day, we'll feel we'd gladly give up all the friends in the world to have our babies small again. To be able to fit them on our laps and read them stories and go on adventures and eat pancakes at every meal.

When loneliness creeps up in your heart and you start to feel sorry for yourself and wish for something other than what you have right now, fill that emptiness where your social life used to be with baby belly laughs and movie nights and pillow fights and silly songs. Don't let temporary loneliness steal this season of your life.

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