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A smaa leak will sink a great ship. A smith's hoose is aye lowin. A sorrowfu hert's aye dry. A spuinfu o stink will spyle a patfu o skink. A spur in the heid's worth twa in the heel. A steek in time saves nine. A still sou aets aa the draff. A sturdy beggar should hae a stoot na-sayer. A suith bourd is nae bourd. A takkin hand will never want, let the warld be ever sae scant. A tale never tines in the tellin. A tarryin bairn wis never fat. A thochtless body's aye thrang. A thrawn question should hae a thrawart answer. A tocher's nae wird in a true lover's parle. A tocherless dame sits lang at hame. A toolyin tike comes limpin hame. A traivelled man haes leave tae lee.

A tree's no a mast till its hewn. A tricky man's aesiest trickit. A tuim hand is nae lure for a hawk. A tuim pantry maks a thriftless guidwife. A tuim purse maks a thrawn face. A turn weel duin is suin duin. A twalpenny cat mey leuk at a king. A unce o mither-wit is worth a pund o clergy. A unce o wit is worth a pund o lear. A unlucky fish taks bad bait. A unlucky man's cairt is eithly cowped. A vaunter an a leear are near akin. A waa atween best preserves freendship. A wad is a fule's airgument. A waited pat's lang o bilin. A wamefu's a wamefu were't but o bare cauf.

A wee hoose haes a wide throat. A wee hoose weel filled, a wee piece land weel till'd, a wee wife weel will'd, will mak a happy man. A wee moose will creep ablo a muckle corn stack. A wee spark maks muckle wark. A wee thing fleys couards. A wee thing pits yer baerd in a bleeze. A wee thing ser's a cheerfu mind. A wet Mey an a winnie, brings a fou stackyaird an a finnie. A whang aff a cut kebbuck's never missed. A wice heid maks a close mooth. A wice lawyer never gangs tae law hissel. A wice man cairies his cloak in fair weather, an a fuil wants his in rain. A wice man gets lairnin frae them that hae nane o their ain.

A wice man wavers, a fuil is fixed. A wicht man never wanted a weapon. A wife is wice eneuch when she kens her guidman's breeks frae her ain kirtle. A wild goose never laid tame eggs. A wilfu man maun hae his wey. A wilfu man never wanted wae. A wilfu man should be unco wice. A willin mind maks a licht fit. A winkin cat's no aye blinnd. A winter day an a wintry wey is the life o man. A winter nicht, a wumman's mind, an a laird's purpose, aften change. A wird is eneuch tae the wice. A wirkin mither maks a daw dochter. A wumman's guid aither for something or naething. A yeld sou wis never guid tae gryces.

A Yule feast can be duin at Pasche. Aa ae oo, aa ae price. Aa cats is grey in the dark. Aa complains o want o siller, but nane o want o sense. Aa craiks aa bears. Aa fails that fuils thinks. Aa fellows, Jock an the laird. Aa his bizz shakes nae barley. Aa I got frae him I could pit in my ee, an see nane the waur for't. Aa ills is guid untried. Aa law's no juistice. Aa owers is ill, but ower the watter an ower the hill. Aa Stuarts is no sib tae the kin. Aa that ye'll tak wi ye will be but a kist an a sheet, efter aa. Aa that's sayed in the kitchen shouldna be tauld in the haa. Aa that's sayed shouldna be sealed. Aa the claes on yer back wis ance in clues. Aa the corn's no shorn bi kempers.

Aa the keys o the kintra hangs na in ae belt. Aa the men in the Mearns can dae nae mair than they can. Aa the speed's no in the spurs. Aa the winnin's in the first buyin. Aa the wit o the warld's no in ae pow. Aa things thrive at thrice. Aa ye rin ye win. Aa's but lip-wit that wants experience. Aa's fair at the baa. Aa's fine that's fit. Aa's fish that comes tae the net. Aa's guid lasses, but whaur dis the ill wifes come frae? Aa's guid that God sends. Aa's no freends that spaeks us fair. Aa's no gowd that glitters, nor maidens that wiers their hair. Aa's no help that's at hand. Aa's no ill that's ill like.

Aa's no thieves that dugs barks at. Aa's no tint that faas by. Aa's no tint that's in hazard. Aa's tint that's pitten in a riven dish. Aa's yours frae the door oot. Aathing angers ye, an the cat breks yer hert. Aathing haes a beginnin. Aathing haes a end, an a puddin haes twa. Aathing haes its time, an sae haes a ripplin-kame. Aathing is the waur o the wier. Aathing wad fain live. Aathing wytes that no weel fares. Aboot the muin there is a broch: Abundance o law breks nae law. Ae beggar's wae that anither bi the gate gae. Ae fine thing needs twa tae set it aff Ae guid freend is worth mony relations. Ae guid turn can meet anither, an it war at the brig o London. Ae guid turn deserves anither.

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Ae hand winna wash the ither for nocht. Ae hauf o the warld disna ken hou the ither hauf lives. Ae lawsuit breeds twinty. Ae man can steal a horse whaur anither daurna leuk ower the hedge. Ae man can tak a horse tae the watter, but twinty winna gar him drink. Ae man's maet is anither man's pizen. Ae oor in the mornin is worth twa at nicht. Ae oor's cauld will drive oot sieven years' haet. Ae scabbit sheep will smit a hirsel. Ae scone o that bakin's eneuch. Ae sheuk o that steuk's eneuch. Ae swallow disna mak a simmer. Ae wird afore is worth twa ahint. Ae year a nurse an sieven year a daw. Aer day or late day, the fox's hide finnds aye the slayin knife.

Aesy lairnin the cat the road tae the kirn. Aet an welcome-fast an twice as welcome. Aet in measure an defy the doctor. Aet peas wi the prince an cherries wi the chapman. Aet till ye sweat an wirk till ye freeze. Aet yer fill an pootch nane, is Gairdener's law. Aetin, drinkin, an cleanin needs but a beginnin. Aets maet, an's never fed; wiers claes, an's never cled. Affront yer freend in daffin, an tine him in aernest. Afore a ill wife be guid, even if she wis aa turned tae tongue. Afore the deil gaes blinnd, an he's no blear ee'd yet. Afore ye chuize a freend, aet a peck o saut wi him.

Afore, I weened; but nou, I wat. Aft coontin keeps freends lang thegither. Aft ettle, whiles hit. Aft times the cautioner peys the debt Aither live or dee wi honour. Aither prove a man or a moose. Aither win the horse or tine the saidle. Ale-sellers shouldna be tale-tellers. Alike every day maks a clout on Sunday. Amaist wis never a man's life. Amang ye be't, priest's bairns: I am but a priest's oe. An ye loe me leuk in my dish. Ance awa, aye awa. Ance gied a dug his hansel, an he wis hanged or nicht. Ance is nae custom.

Ance Provost, aye My Lord. Ance wud, an aye waur. Ance wud, never wice. Ane at a time is guid fishin. Ane beats the bush, an anither grips the bird. Ane daes the skaith, anither gets the scorn. Ane o the coort, but nane o the council. Ane will gar a hunder lee. Anger's mair hurtfu than the wrang that caused it. Anger's short-lived in a guid man. As a carl riches he wretches. As ane flits anither sits, an that keeps mailins dear. As brisk as bottled ale. As broken a ship's come tae land. As canker'd as a cou wi ae horn.

As coorse as Nancie's harn sark,-three threids oot o the pund. As cracks mauna be troued. As dark as a Yule midnicht. As day brak, butter brak. As fain as a fuil o a fair Sluts in cornaa. As fause as Waghorn. As fou o mischief as a egg's fou o maet. As gentle as Gorman's bitch, that lap ower Meet real girls in vinnitsa ingle an ett the roast. As guid a fellow as ever tuimed a bicker. As guid aet the deil as sup the kail he's boiled in. As guid can haud the stirrup as him that lowps on. As guid fish in the sea as ever cam oot o't. As guid gie the lichtly as tak it.

As guid merchants tine as win. As guid micht haud as draw. As guid never a bit, as never the better. As lang as a dug wad be boond wi a bluidy puddin. As lang as the bird sings afore Candlemas he greets efter it. As lang as ye serve the tod ye maun cairy his tail. As lang as ye stand ye dinna stey. As lang lests the hole as the heel leather. As lang lives the merry man as the sad. As lang rins the tod as he haes feet. As menseless as a tinkler's messan. As merry's a mautman. As mony beads as mony wits. As muckle upwi as muckle dounwi. As puir as a kirk moose. As sair fechts the wren as the crane. As sair greets the bairn that's peyed at e'en as it that gets its paiks in the mornin. As sib as sieve an riddle that grew in ae wid.

As suin comes the lamb's skin tae the mercat as the auld tup's. As the auld cock craws the young cock learns. As the day lengthens the cauld strengthens. As the fuil thinks the bell clinks. As the mercat gangs the wares sell. As the sou fills the draff soors. As the wind blaws seek yer bield. As tired as a tyke o langkail. As true as Biglam's cat crew, an the cock rocked the cradle. As wanton as a wet hen. As weel be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. As weel be oot o the warld as oot o fashion. As weel be suin as syne. As wicht as a wabster's dooblet, that ilka day taks a thief bi the neck. As ye are stoot be merciful. As ye brew sae ye maun drink.

As ye brew weel ye'll drink the better. As ye mak yer bed sae ye maun lie on't. Ask nae questions, an I'll tell nae lees. Ask the tapster if his ale be guid. Ask yer purse what ye should buy. At my leisure, as lairds dees. At open doors dugs gaes ben. Atween Martinmas an Yule, watter's wine in every puil. Atween the deil an the deep sea. Atween three an thirteen, thraw the widie when it's green. Atween you an the lang day be it. Auld chimes an auld rhymes gars us think on auld times. Auld fowk is twice bairns. Auld muin mist never dee'd o thrist. Auld sins breed new sairs. Auld sparrows is ill tae tame. Auld springs gies nae price. Auld stots haes stiff horns.

Auld uise an wont hings aboot the fire. Auld wifes an bairns maks fuils o physicians. Auld wifes wis aye guid maidens. Awn debt an crave days. Aye as ye thrive yer feet faas frae ye. Aye flether awa;-since I'll no dae wi foul play, try me wi fair. Aye tak the fee when the tear's in the ee. Aye takkin oot o the meal pock an never pittin in't suin comes tae the bottom. Aye tae eild, but never tae wit. Bachelors' wifes an auld maids' bairns is aye weel bred. Bad legs an ill wifes should stey at hame. Bairns is certain care, but nae shuir joy. Bairns spaeks in the field what they hear in the haa. Baith weal an wae comes aye wi warld's gear.

Baked breid an broun ale winna bide lang. Bannocks is better than nae breid. Bare gentry, braggin beggars. Bare wirds maks nae bargain. Barefit fowk shouldna tread on thorns. Bastard brood is aye prood. Be a freend tae yersel, an ithers will. Be aye the thing ye wad be caad. Be gaun, the gate's afore ye. Be it better, be it worse, be ruled bi him that haes the purse. Be it sae, is nae bannin. Be lang seek, that ye micht be suin hale. Be ready wi yer bunnet, but slaw wi yer purse. Be slaw in chuizin a freend, but slawer in changin him. Be thoo weel, or be thoo wae, yet thoo winna aye be sae. Be what ye seem an seem what ye are. Bear an forbear is guid philosophy.

Bear wealth weel, puirtith will bear itsel. Beauty is but skin deep. Beauty's muck when honour's tint. Beauty, but bounty's but bauch. Beds is best, qo the man tae his guest. Beefsteaks an porter is guid belly mortar. Bees that haes honey in their mooths haes stings in their tails. Beg frae beggars an ye'll never be rich. Beggars breed, an rich men feed. Beggars downa bide wealth. Begin wi needles an preens, an end wi horned nowte. Believe aa ye hear, an ye can aet aa ye see. Belyve is twa oors an a hauf. Best tae be aff wi the auld love afore we be on wi the new.

Better a auld man's darlin than a young man's warlin. Better a bit in the mornin than a fast aa day. Better a clout in than a hole oot. Better a dug fawn on ye than bark at ye. Better a even doun snaw than a drivin drift. Better a finger aff as aye waggin. Better a fremit freend than a freend fremit. Better a guid fame than a fine face. Better a ill spuin than nae horn. Better a layin hen than a lyin croun. Better a lean horse than a tuim halter. Better a moose in the pat than nae fleesh. Better a saft road than bad company. Better a sair fae than a fause freend. Better a shameless aetin than a shamefu leavin. Better a smaa fish than a empy dish.

Better a thiggin mither than a ridin faither. Better a tocher in her than wi her. Better a tuim hoose than a ill tenant. The Hendricks report on the Equitable Ufo Assurance society's affairs was regarded as opening new depths to he sounded But ani' unfavorable effect on stocks was overridden by the existence of the speculative campaign. The proflt-taklng made the market irregular late in the day. Adams Esp reap Adventure Brooklyn H tpid Transit Chicago Terminal A Transfer do preferred Colorado Fuel A Iron No ad taken for less than 15c. Ten lines to the inch. Astern Norfolk A Western Furnished by the Lynch-Roeheater Co.

I block, over Symons' Bore. New York, June Locally the situation remains unchanged. Jt,ro" closed at 49s 4d in Glasgow and at 6d In Mlddlesboro. Locally the iron market is unchanged. For both 8p i1,? Notwithstanding this fact, the market opened nrm. The upturn was more remarkable in view of the bearish reports claim in, vari?. From The World To-Day. The spineless cactus, the latest plant marvel originated by Mr. Burbank probably gives greater promise of usefulness to man than any other of Mr Burbank's creations. The spineless fact us is an improved variety of the ordinary wild cactus known as the pri kly pear, of which there arc numerous species and more than a thousand varieties.

Bulk for bulk, spineless is about half as nutritious as alfalfa, which has been pronounced by the United States department of agriculture to he probably the best all around of known forage plants. But, acre for acre, the yield of spineless cactus will be far greater than the yield of alfalfa. When fed with cotton seed or other hydrocarbons it will make a complete ration in fattening stock for market. It can be produced Just a's readd -as the spiny cactus and with a great deal less profanity. Should a cactus be tipped over and the top touch the ground, that portion will Immediately send out roots exceedingly long and slender.

An adverse season will not destroy the cuttings which have been scattered over the soil to grow. If the plant is wounded it will Immediately seal itself up so that no moisture escapes and remain in a hibernating condition until a rain comes, after which Its leaves are three or four times as large as they were before. Like the camel, the cactus stores water. I was singularly fortunate in my surroundings I enjoyed every minute of It. From daily Journalism I graduated into editorial work and free lancing. I would not give up the life that I lead, hut I should not want to lead the life T used to lead It was too strenuous.

Now it is comnara-tlvely easy. Tile life that I have chosen has paid me In many ways, and I would not turn my back upon it if I should suddenly inherit the wealth of the Indios any more than I would turn my back upon an old friend. Boston blkMinneapolis, Minn. J arsons Employment Offloa. Paul Bossier, 19 West Butte. Yet some finite people still assert advertising does not pay. Change your advertisements daily. W rite your ad. For further particu-iars address George F.

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